Thursday, September 5, 2013

At Rio carnival, beer cans recycled in exchange for train rides

One way to encourage people to recycle their trash is to offer something in return – something that Mexico’s Mercado du Trueque scheme took advantage of. Now the Beer Turnstile marketing campaign in Brazil has seen carnival-goers hand in empty beer cans in return for a free train ride home. Developed by advertising agency AlmapBBDO to promote AmBev‘s Antarctica beer, the project invited revellers at the annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro to hold onto their cans – rather than discarding them in the street – until the event had finished. When they arrived at the train station a modified turnstile – fitted with a barcode reader – granted access to passengers who scanned their empty beer can and deposited it in the provided bin. The collected rubbish was then donated to a recycling NGO.

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